Amanda MacLean

Goodbye, Robert. Goodbye, Jack...


I still can't look at this picture of Robert Lorick, the voice of Jack Flanders, without tearing up. 

It's impossible to imagine losing a person whose presence is so familiar to you that life without it is simply inconceivable. I feel as though a part of my childhood has died with Robert, who surely has taken Jack along with him to the other side. 


I am, like all human beings, forced to cling to some impossible hope that this was just one of Jack's many incarnations, and that as we converged in this life, we will converge again in another. Who, in that window of time, will be the "real" person, and who will be the creature of imaginations?

This is the first photo I've ever seen of Robert, and, oddly enough, he does look a bit like I imagined Jack to look. That seems rare with radio voice personalities. Of course, I'd need to see one of his face without the huge retro sunglasses to really know for sure :)

I really can't believe he is gone.

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