Amanda MacLean

Beyond the Birds


Today my birds have been beyond cute but also beyond Annoying. Chirping like crazy. Poor Yoshi - she can only make one sound, really, and it is super irritating. CHEEP! Recently, Starbuck, who is a superb mimicker, has mastered a perfect mimic of her now I have two of them. I spray Yoshi with the water bottle when she will not listen. If she still doesnt stop, i cover up her cage. Someties she still doeent stop chirping so I keep spraying her in her cage. I went really crazy on Yoshi tonight and felt pretty bad about it when I went to check on her after she finally quieted down. She was so soaked...and had a sad, pitiful look in her beady brown eyes. I couldn't put her to bed like that, all wet and cold, so I sat down with her in front of the heater and scratched her head non-stop for like 20 minutes, until she was mostly dry. Then, just out of the blue, the sublime silence was ripped through with a squealing, "CHEEP!" followed by Starbuck giving a rather shrill sound in response. And so, there we were, back at the beginning again. I caged her and covered her up as quickly as possible. Yoshi valiantly laid 9 eggs. Nine! Holy crap. I thought she was done at five, then after a few days discovered 3 more...then a ninth. She never lays when I'm home, she always waits for me to leave, so I have witnessed none of this. I took away three of her eggs to get her used to the idea that they aren't gonna hatch, and I'll take away the rest 1-2 at a time. Then...what will I do with 9 empty cockatiel eggs? Hmmmm....




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