Amanda MacLean

A Good Start


This is Blaze.

This is Ralph.

With their powers combined, they are The Dogs.

"Wait a minute, wait a minute, wait a minute," Blaze, aka Blazer, says. "We're so much more than that. Tell them!"

These boys are the Northside Kings of the neighborhood street. They own McNeil. They own the creek. They own the floor and every morsel of dirt on it. Blaze definitely own all the tennis balls. Ralphie owns the secrets to opening the garage door. (You push it with your paw, he says).

This morning we tried to start out before the sun got blazing, but with my lateness in rising from bed the heat had already soaked up much of our little neighborhood pond. Rain yesterday, gone today, such is the state of a drought in Texas. The boys were still so happy to be out in the morning light, they didn't mind.

They jumped in the pond, submerged their heads, rolled in the grass, and sang, "This is what it's like to be a dog!" I imagine the song goes to the tune of "Never Had a Friend Like Me!" from Aladdin.

Usually Blaze is the one obsessed with Rock Biting and Diving, but this morning Ralph joined in on the fun. "Et Tu, Ralphus?" I asked.

I did not mean for this to happen but I think we inadvertently disrupted an entire ecosystem of tad-poles. Sorry, Future Frogs. One day you can shrink me down to your size and ask me why bad things happen to good amphibians. I hope I can give you a wise answer.

We went home before the sun scorched my un-furry shoulders.

Good start to a good day.



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